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Ohio State’s Justin Fields elevated to top of USA TODAY’s QB rankings

It’s the position on the football field that has the most impact of any. The position has morphed into one that has one of the most athletic players on the field touching the ball every play and often making things happen in a dual-threat variety. It’s the quarterback position.

If you have a great one, you’ve got a chance to do some pretty special things. Have a mediocre or underperforming one in today’s game, and you better have the best talent facilities and tradition can buy surrounding him to make up for it.

Enter stage left Justin Fields. In just his second year slinging the ball around the field in Columbus, he has turned into the Heisman front runner and looking to give things a run towards being the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

USA TODAY’s Paul Myerberg has taken notice and unleashed his ranking of the best college quarterbacks so far in the college game for 2020, and you’ll probably like where it has the Buckeye signal-caller. Well, maybe. Anything less than No. 1 would be a disappointment right?

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